Understanding complex dynamic systems

Qonsius Labs starts with the belief
that we cannot fulfill our purpose
unless we expand the
understanding of entrepreneurship

into a wider perspective that
integrates a new
degree of
consciousness of both human
nature and large man-made and
natural systems.

To reach this new level of
understanding we pursue to
structure the world that is relevant
building a new venture.

We consider the structural order, as
defined in DSRP, as the fundamental
approach to deep
understanding and
secondly as the key to work in an
effective and efficient manner.

Learn about DSRP

Learn about DSRP

In our efforts, we collaborate deeply
with Plectica, the software tool
developed by the theoriests
cognitive scientists behind DSRP.

Qonsius Labs Case Study

Qonsius Labs Case Study

Our structure perspective is
anchored upon two axes of
abstraction; the first one, from large

systems to individuals and the
second one, from highly abstract
meta-models to life instances.

With this, we aim to meet the
standards of scholarship
, with
well-proven theories and in-house

experimentation and practice, with
a continuous relationship to the
ventures in the portfolio.