We build and invest in
new impact ventures

through two companies


A building company

We understand entrepreneurship and innovation can take many shapes and forms so over the years we have developed a broad range of working models grouped in two business lines;


> Venture innovation & management: We work for individuals and institutions managing portfolios of companies and provide them with a customised service. If you are looking to kickstart new businesses from scratch, breathe new life into dormant projects, or implement strategic restructuring for struggling ventures, you can read more here (Spanish only).

> Digital businesses: We work for established companies seeking to expand their operations through digital transformations. If you are a representative of a company interested in a digitalization initiative with a strong focus on delivering tangible market results, we can support you.

> Entrepreneurship programs: We are dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurship right from its inception. Our specialised entrepreneurship ecosystem programs are designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and startups with unparalleled support seeking to set a new standard in the industry. If you are interested, get in touch for more information.


In selected projects aligned to our personal purpose, we get involved beyond services and co-invest in the long term success of the business. Our venture partnership model involves sharing and collaborating with forward-thinking partners to identify opportunities, share risks, and work hand-in-hand to build new and enduring ventures. If you are interested in cofounding, please get in touch to arrange a first conversation.


A holding company

We invest at pre-seed and/or seed
levels in new ventures
in-house or by third parties. We

pursue to exit these investments
once the businesses are validated
and achieve enough traction to

raise Series-A investments from
early-stage VCs or Corporates.

We generally pursue and welcome
co-investments with like-minded
individuals and institutions.

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